Corporate Branding and Image Management

Create a well recognize brand of your product or company.

Personality Traits
  1. To improve communication effectiveness.
  2. Understand the mechanics of human perception.
Strategic Communication Skills

Communication according to personality traits.

First Impressions
  1. Making the right impression within the first 10 seconds.
  2. Impactful appearance and body language.
Corporate Dress Code
  1. Versatility in your corporate style.
  2. Projecting professional Self and Corporate Image.
Social & Business Etiquette
  1. Designing your introduction.
  2. The art of engaging in small talk.
  3. Networking Do’s and Don’ts.
  4. Formalities & Protocols
Table Manners & Dining Etiquette

Create good impressions over dining networking.


Communication Skills & Social Etiquette

Enhancing communication skills

Fashion Styling
  1. Female Bodyline
  2. Menswear Consultation
  3. Principles of Lines and Designs
Make Up, Hair & Head Scarf Styling
  1. Creating suitable look for suitable occasion
  2. Increase confidence level and self-esteem
Personality Traits

Understanding yourself and others better according to their personality traits.

Image Management & Personal Branding
  1. Create your “Wow Factor” from Visual, Vocal & Verbal.
  2. Image Survival Kit
First Impressions

Creating positive impressions

Martin luther’s interpretation of the sermon on the mount.